About Us

We are passionate entrepreneurs developing smart city technology. We are in constant evolution, teaming up with communities and goverments towards a smarter and more sustainable future

Our Mission

Share knowledge to achieve smarter cities and apply necesary means to reduce pollution

Our Plan

Offer solutions to any community or city looking foward to improve their inner processes and better themselves

Our Vision

Became a cornerstone in smart cities empowerment by committing ourselves to communities and fomenting transparency of processes and goverments


Our developments.


Pay for or manage public and private parking lots throughout the country.


Wallet of simple and universal use, and has come to put in simple language the solutions you need in your day to day.


Monitoring system for sensors and locators in real time for industry and agriculture.


What we enjoy to do.


From desktop to mobile apps, for iOS, Android and Windows. Full stack web applications


Internet of Things solutions, automation, domotics, smart sensors and devices


Blockchain based dapps connecting people and IoT devices for transparency, security and decentralization

Maybe you have a great idea for your city

You can count on our team to impact your city in an innovative way and with a view to the future. Let's work together!

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Suipacha 385, Mendoza, Argentina
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